Stock Code:06880.HK    Stock Name:TEMPUS HOLD 简体 | 繁体

Tempus Holdings Limited (6880.HK), member of the Tempus Group, was listed on the mainboard of HKEx in 2011. As Tempus Group's key overseas capital operation platform, the Company keeps streamlining its products and services to facilitate sustainable growth of businesses and assets size through on-shore and off-shore resources sharing, synergy generation and business ecosystem consolidation. The Company aims to be “Leader of quality life,Provider of excellent services and Architect of win-win ecology”. Tempus Holdings Limited has been added in the MSCI Hong Kong Micro Cap Index.   

The “OTO” brand under Tempus Holdings, founded in 1986, is the market leader of health and wellness products. OTO has more than 30 years’experience in brand management and research and development. Its design and R&D team works closely with the partners from Japan and Korea to create series of innovative products in the area of relaxation, fitness, therapeutics and diagnostic. OTO has established comprehensive sales network in the PRC, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore and Malaysia. With sound international reputation, OTO products also reach North America, Oceania, Europe and Latin America through export.                

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